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Refurbishment project of WARD 2

Connaught Hospital Freetown

Our Values

compassion willingness to help others by responding to suffering with understanding, patience and kindness

Leadership inspire others to work together in pursuit of a common goal such as enhanced patient care, education, training, development and service delivery.

Innovation – identify new or improved health policies, systems, products and technologies, services and delivery methods that improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Collaboration – invite stakeholders to work alongside THSPP to facilitate partnership that creates inter professional team designed to work on common goals to improve better outcome.

Knowledge – Organise and facilitate learning and development. Delivery of education and training at all levels. The public, patients and carers having the right evidence based knowledge when and where its needed.


  • Clinical assessment

  • Carer support

  • Advocacy, emotional support and counselling

  • Mentoring and peer support 

  • Social and welfare support

  • Hardship funds

  • Educational, training development and service delivery

  • Specialist training and support in cancer and palliative care 

  • Volunteering services

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